Challenging Myself

Whoever said that this journey would be easy lied to me. Well maybe not, mostly because I was never told it would be easy. Challenging, yes! And my what a challenge it has been, but my challenge started months before I started the newest chapter of my book and that chapter is “University Life”.

As a first year student at The University of Technology I am faced with just as many challenges as other students. My challenges just don’t seem typical of a first year college student. My first challenge started when I became a member of the Mobile Reserve gym off South  Camp Road. For someone who has a sas mouth like I do its not exactly wise to mouth off to the instructor whose mouth and mind are equally matched with yours. The more I complained the more work he gave me but for some reason I didn’t realize I should just shut up, suck it up and get it done. So my first challenge was between myself and my trainer.

In three months he would transform my body. It has been one month and three weeks and I have lost sixteen pounds. We forgot to take pictures so we could track and prove the transformation, but believe me its there. So my new challenge is to ensure that I track my progress and get over my camera shyness.

Speaking of camera shyness, yes, I am one of those I prefer to be behind the lens instead of the focus.That’s all gonna change now, I’m gonna challenge myself to take at least three pictures of myself per week and post them to my Instagram. You can find and follow me on Instagram at @mschieniel. This challenge is based on loving myself…more.

I’ve never considered myself to be academically challenged but I did have a problem maintaining my standards. At one point I would be on point, my performance would be A+, I would be ahead of my peers and be classified as an exemplary student. Somewhere along the line I would just burn out; it would feel as though I had been working based on a sugar rush and the inevitable happened. I crashed, and just I as I crashed so did my performance. Luckily I’m not that much of a hazard so there was no great damage done.

My new challenge will be long term, and it is to maintain a certain standard for the next four years of my life. In this challenge I intend to face my obstacles and approach them head on; procrastinate a lot less and never forget my mission. What’s my mission? I’m not quite sure yet but I figure I’d better focus on these challenges because I know I have a lot more to come and they’ll only help me to figure out my mission and chart my course.

Do you have any challenges? Maybe you call them goals, I’d love to hear about them so feel free to share them with me.

Until next time this has been the creativelyconfused thank you for dropping by.


Author: Chieniel

The writer of creatively confused college girl, is a student of one of Jamaica's prominent tertiary institutions. Leaving from the "country" to establish herself in "town". Wearing many hats she will share easy recipe idea and her experiences as a new university student.

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