Group work doesn’t necessarily make the dream work

From way back in the day and by that I mean high school, I’ve never been a fan of group work. Mainly because of the clash of characters. Now even though my name says “confused”, I do have a clue. What really confuses me is the way people think and operate in my new environment.

Having to complete major assignments and even minor ones can be overwhelming, especially when the team consists of creative, innovative, intellectual and incompetent minds. There will always be that one person who believes that there ideas are always the best and of course sometimes they really aren’t. Then there’s the silent one who claims to be intimidated by all the thinkers and progressors, I think they’re just plain lazy and this refers to those I’ve had to work with.

The idea of being subjected to group work, obviously does not sit well with me as from a most recent experience, the dream my group had envisioned was compromised by one of our very own. Fortunately, my team consisted of creative and innovative minds, based on the feedback I received from other members of other groups it was not evident that what we had initially planned, didn’t exactly go as planned. My advice for comes from my lecturer; when you are presenting and you are not sure of your information or you’ve made a few wrong turns just be confident, and that is just what we did.

Now I have a new challenge for myself; group work can make the dream work, I MUST make it work.

How do you deal with working in groups? Please feel free to share with me.


Author: Chieniel

The writer of creatively confused college girl, is a student of one of Jamaica's prominent tertiary institutions. Leaving from the "country" to establish herself in "town". Wearing many hats she will share easy recipe idea and her experiences as a new university student.

One thought on “Group work doesn’t necessarily make the dream work”

  1. Group work can be challenging at times, but it’s a chance to find the leader within yourself. With groups it is the person who first ceases the opportunity to take charge and share good idea with confidence and respect will have the support of the group. It allows one to get feedback and learn the difficult skill of working with others to get a task done.


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