Forward Thinking

What a year it has been. It’s a few weeks until my first  year of university comes to an end and my what a turn things have taken. New friends, new interests, lost interests, lost friends, new recipes, new confidence with just a few readjustments and new attitude towards life.

While I have an Instagram account, I hardly post anything on it. Not unless I have had a good workout session with my trainer and I’ve made new strides. Sharing my weight-loss story with classmates has been one of the best things I have done since the start of the year. They have been encouraging and motivated to take a new or few steps further into the journey of a more active and healthier lifestyle. Why didn’t I think of sharing my story before?

That’s how my new friends, new interests, new  confidence and new attitude towards life come in. I now have friends who look out for me especially when I don’t feel like working out or eating or studying. They are always curious about the food I cook and how I come to make things that are so simple taste like they were prepared by a master chef. With their compliments I will begin to put together my recipe book and seek to have it published within  two years.

My new attitude includes not giving up on myself and things too quickly; if I feel like doing that I post a meme that reflects my mood and my friends will know then that something is up. They work their magic and I’m back on track. The same goes for me whenever they feel down in the dumps. That’s how I knew I made new friends and lost a few and at the same time found new interests while losing some too.

I’ve made readjustments to my life by including healthy and positive persons and having the same healthy and positive mindset of my own. My new energy has pulled others to me and they thrive on my ideas and concepts. I’m hilarious to some but then there are those who misunderstand me.

Looking forward to completing this semester to what else will be new, what I’ll lose or who and the new website I’m working on. Minutiae.png


Author: Chieniel

The writer of creatively confused college girl, is a student of one of Jamaica's prominent tertiary institutions. Leaving from the "country" to establish herself in "town". Wearing many hats she will share easy recipe idea and her experiences as a new university student.

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