Call it what you will…

As I write this, I am on vacation and I am at home and by home I mean my parents house. It’s funny how each time I attempt to write something here, the moments before I start up the website my mind is flooded with interesting thoughts, questions, inspiration, jokes. It’s kinda like that meme with Kermit the frog looking out a window at the rain and the caption says something about feeling like having your life together but within 15 seconds its over. Yeah, I can’t even get the meme right and I wanted to write about it. Oh well…

Here’s whats up with me…I completed my second year of University with absolutely no great achievements. Unless you count actually attending majority of my classes during the week. That’s major! I love the look on everyone’s face when I actually turn up for class, especially if it happens in the afternoon. What some people can’t understand is how I am able to maintain good grades and by good grades I mean A’s and B’s, with my poor attendance. I love to tell them I’m starting my own company, which by the way I actually am. That will be announced in due time.

Not sure who will receive this announcement as I doubt anyone actually reads my blog. Why should they though? I hardly post anything. That’s gonna change though…I am going to make an effort to write everyday.

I’d like to do something like that movie, “Julie and Julia”. I’m not gonna tell you about it, because I haven’t watched it entirely. I plan to rectify that as soon as I have posted this. I actually just watched an odd movie, “The Edge of Seventeen”. Odd because I can relate to the main character’s sense of humor, even at my ripe old age of 23. Would you believe I actually just stopped to verify my age? Thought I was 24 for a second and a half there, but that’s not for a few months yet.

Wonder if I’ll bring myself to do anything celebratory? I should go out more. And cool it with these run on sentences and fragments. Its amazing people come to me to proof read their work and value my opinion. Why wouldn’t they though?

No more rambling…although not bad for 385 words. Seemed longer to me. What seems long is riding a bus to school without headphones in to block out the noise of fellow passengers who either talk way too loud before 8 a.m. or the bus driver’s terrible music selection, even if its morning radio. I can’t wait to have my own talk show or morning show. Maybe not morning show, I’m really not a morning person and I wouldn’t want to lie to my audience. I think I’d be better suited putting people to sleep. I have the voice for that; flat and boring. I also know just the type of music to play and thoughts to encourage.

You must be wondering who thinks before they fall asleep. You do actually! Yup, unless you are one of the lucky few who pass out as soon as they position themselves to enter the land of sleepy bye. Before I fall asleep at night, I have cringe moments. Cringe moments are the seconds or minutes you recall embarrassing moments or experiences you’ve had. I usually cringe at things I’ve said that I probably could have done without, or things I’ve written in the past (grammatical errors really get me).

That’s another reason I don’t post anything, after drumming up the energy to write all that, I can’t be bothered with proof reading. Which should actually be second nature to me as a student of journalism and communication. Maybe if I write more and post them here I’ll improve my proof reading skills. Of course my writing should improve with that too, I just didn’t want to state the obvious.

This has to be the most creatively confusing thing I’ve written. Which is what I should be writing here. That’s it! I am going to write more creatively confusing…? I know you understand what I mean. At least I hope you do.

If my website brought you here, thank you for stopping by. If not here’s the link:

Until the next post…

Creatively Yours

A confused college girl

P.S. I listened to Norah Jones while writing this, I think I sound like her…at least when I speak I do.


Forward Thinking

What a year it has been. It’s a few weeks until my first  year of university comes to an end and my what a turn things have taken. New friends, new interests, lost interests, lost friends, new recipes, new confidence with just a few readjustments and new attitude towards life.

While I have an Instagram account, I hardly post anything on it. Not unless I have had a good workout session with my trainer and I’ve made new strides. Sharing my weight-loss story with classmates has been one of the best things I have done since the start of the year. They have been encouraging and motivated to take a new or few steps further into the journey of a more active and healthier lifestyle. Why didn’t I think of sharing my story before?

That’s how my new friends, new interests, new  confidence and new attitude towards life come in. I now have friends who look out for me especially when I don’t feel like working out or eating or studying. They are always curious about the food I cook and how I come to make things that are so simple taste like they were prepared by a master chef. With their compliments I will begin to put together my recipe book and seek to have it published within  two years.

My new attitude includes not giving up on myself and things too quickly; if I feel like doing that I post a meme that reflects my mood and my friends will know then that something is up. They work their magic and I’m back on track. The same goes for me whenever they feel down in the dumps. That’s how I knew I made new friends and lost a few and at the same time found new interests while losing some too.

I’ve made readjustments to my life by including healthy and positive persons and having the same healthy and positive mindset of my own. My new energy has pulled others to me and they thrive on my ideas and concepts. I’m hilarious to some but then there are those who misunderstand me.

Looking forward to completing this semester to what else will be new, what I’ll lose or who and the new website I’m working on. Minutiae.png

Group work doesn’t necessarily make the dream work

From way back in the day and by that I mean high school, I’ve never been a fan of group work. Mainly because of the clash of characters. Now even though my name says “confused”, I do have a clue. What really confuses me is the way people think and operate in my new environment.

Having to complete major assignments and even minor ones can be overwhelming, especially when the team consists of creative, innovative, intellectual and incompetent minds. There will always be that one person who believes that there ideas are always the best and of course sometimes they really aren’t. Then there’s the silent one who claims to be intimidated by all the thinkers and progressors, I think they’re just plain lazy and this refers to those I’ve had to work with.

The idea of being subjected to group work, obviously does not sit well with me as from a most recent experience, the dream my group had envisioned was compromised by one of our very own. Fortunately, my team consisted of creative and innovative minds, based on the feedback I received from other members of other groups it was not evident that what we had initially planned, didn’t exactly go as planned. My advice for comes from my lecturer; when you are presenting and you are not sure of your information or you’ve made a few wrong turns just be confident, and that is just what we did.

Now I have a new challenge for myself; group work can make the dream work, I MUST make it work.

How do you deal with working in groups? Please feel free to share with me.

Challenging Myself

Whoever said that this journey would be easy lied to me. Well maybe not, mostly because I was never told it would be easy. Challenging, yes! And my what a challenge it has been, but my challenge started months before I started the newest chapter of my book and that chapter is “University Life”.

As a first year student at The University of Technology I am faced with just as many challenges as other students. My challenges just don’t seem typical of a first year college student. My first challenge started when I became a member of the Mobile Reserve gym off South  Camp Road. For someone who has a sas mouth like I do its not exactly wise to mouth off to the instructor whose mouth and mind are equally matched with yours. The more I complained the more work he gave me but for some reason I didn’t realize I should just shut up, suck it up and get it done. So my first challenge was between myself and my trainer.

In three months he would transform my body. It has been one month and three weeks and I have lost sixteen pounds. We forgot to take pictures so we could track and prove the transformation, but believe me its there. So my new challenge is to ensure that I track my progress and get over my camera shyness.

Speaking of camera shyness, yes, I am one of those I prefer to be behind the lens instead of the focus.That’s all gonna change now, I’m gonna challenge myself to take at least three pictures of myself per week and post them to my Instagram. You can find and follow me on Instagram at @mschieniel. This challenge is based on loving myself…more.

I’ve never considered myself to be academically challenged but I did have a problem maintaining my standards. At one point I would be on point, my performance would be A+, I would be ahead of my peers and be classified as an exemplary student. Somewhere along the line I would just burn out; it would feel as though I had been working based on a sugar rush and the inevitable happened. I crashed, and just I as I crashed so did my performance. Luckily I’m not that much of a hazard so there was no great damage done.

My new challenge will be long term, and it is to maintain a certain standard for the next four years of my life. In this challenge I intend to face my obstacles and approach them head on; procrastinate a lot less and never forget my mission. What’s my mission? I’m not quite sure yet but I figure I’d better focus on these challenges because I know I have a lot more to come and they’ll only help me to figure out my mission and chart my course.

Do you have any challenges? Maybe you call them goals, I’d love to hear about them so feel free to share them with me.

Until next time this has been the creativelyconfused thank you for dropping by.